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The Think Table
Advocacy Through Storytelling

Dot Lemon is proud to produce The Think Table, a monthly publication in partnership with Immigrant Food. Immigrant Food, a cause-driven restaurant group, is a hub for advocacy, societal change, and community bonding.

Every month, The Think Table dives deep into an immigration issue, bringing clarity and understanding to a complex topic. We converse with immigration experts and immigrants, bringing their voices to the forefront. Our multi-pronged approach uses video content, written text, and infographics to dissect the immigration conversation into manageable, digestible bites.

The Think Table's mission is to present clear, concise, and factual insights into immigration topics, fostering a more informed and empathetic community. By translating the complexities of immigration into everyday English and complex data, we aim to cut through the noise and bring real stories and statistics to light.


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Q st NW, Washington, DC 20009  |  Tel: 703-220-0258

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