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The Think Table
Advocacy Through Storytelling

Dot Lemon proudly produced The Think Table, a compelling monthly publication in partnership with Immigrant Food, from June 2021 to December 2023. Immigrant Food, known for its cause-driven initiatives, serves as a hub for advocacy, societal change, and community bonding.

During its run, The Think Table offered in-depth exploration of various immigration issues each month, enhancing public understanding of these complex topics. Through engaging dialogues with immigration experts and immigrants, their stories and insights were brought to the forefront. Our dynamic approach combined video content, written text, and infographics to simplify and articulate the immigration conversation in an accessible manner.

Over the course of the project, The Think Table successfully completed 16 episodes, each one dedicated to presenting clear, concise, and factual insights into immigration topics. This effort was aimed at fostering a more informed and empathetic community. By demystifying the complexities of immigration and presenting data in everyday English, The Think Table cut through the noise to highlight real stories and statistics, contributing significantly to the discourse on immigration.

As we reflect on this impactful journey, we at Dot Lemon remain committed to our mission of creating content that resonates deeply and fosters meaningful connections. The Think Table stands as a testament to our dedication to quality storytelling and social awareness.


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