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Tailored Project Pricing

At Dot Lemon, we've streamlined the process of video production pricing in Washington, DC. We've factored in the most commonly requested equipment and calculated production and post-production time to provide the best possible rates. Have a project in mind? Schedule a consultation, share your story, and we'll provide you a personalized quote!

Monthly Subscription Plans

Dot Lemon introduces a comprehensive solution for your content production needs with our monthly subscription plans. These plans are designed to be flexible and cater specifically to your requirements. It's as simple as choosing your plan and letting us handle the rest!

Choose your plan

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Perfect for creators looking for a better asset & project
  • 4 Vertical videos (Insta Stories, IGTV, TikTok, YT shorts)

  • 2 Short videos (30 seconds)

  • 1 Digital story (1:30/3:00 minutes)

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Part time for your creative needs
  • 10 Vertical videos (Insta Stories, IGTV, TikTok, YT shorts)

  • 4 Short videos (30 seconds)

  • 2 Digital story (1:30/3:00 minutes)

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