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Welcome to


We love to tell stories and we tell them well! If you have a business We are here to tell your story.

Who We Are

Video production & creative agency.

We are a multilingual and multicultural media production house specialized in high-quality media production for advertising, documentaries, editing, and graphics. We specialize in corporate, commercial, and educational content. If you have an idea we are here to turn it into a story. We work out of multiple countries and communicate in three languages: English, Spanish, and Arabic.

What We Do

We create video-driven stories that communicate your organization's passion, ingenuity, and expertise to your audience. We focus on producing creative productions that capture your authentic stories. Our approach focuses on personalizing your story and building connections between your narrative and the audience. We produce videographies that resonate with viewers.

Why DOT?

DOT refers to the advancement of technology that we have witnessed in the past decade which allowed producers to present their art, business, and stories in a creative, innovative, and novel way to a diverse group of audiences. At DotLemon we use the latest technology and skills to share our client's stories and share them with the world.

Why Lemon?

LEMON embodies freshness, brightness, and longevity. It is also a symbol of love and friendship. This is what DotLemon does, it brings that zest and flavor to your story while also building strong connections with our clients who become part of the DotLemon family. Our approach to stories is always personal, layered, and multidimensional.

To hire DotLemon is to have your story combine two pillars of our modern world: TECH x CREATIVITY

DotLemon; Zest[ful] storyteller.

Contact us

Washington DC


We'd love to hear from you!

Q st NW, Washington, DC 20009  |  Tel: 703-220-0258

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