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We're passionate storytellers, and we excel at it! Whether you're a business, a non-profit, or any organization with a story to share, we're here to bring it to life.

Who We Are

Dot Lemon is a global video production and creative agency fluent in English, Spanish, and Arabic. We are a dedicated media production house, delivering high-quality content for advertising, documentaries, corporate, commercial, and educational purposes. If you have a concept, we're here to bring your story to life.

Our Expertise

We specialize in creating compelling video narratives encapsulating your organization’s passion, innovation, and expertise. Our productions are not just videos; they are authentic stories that form meaningful connections with your audience.

Our name, Dot Lemon, reflects our ethos. 'Dot' signifies our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to present your stories creatively and innovatively. 'Lemon' symbolizes our fresh and vibrant approach to storytelling, akin to the zest and longevity of a lemon. We believe in building solid relationships with our clients and treating them as part of our extended Dot Lemon family.

We create personalized, layered, and multi-dimensional stories that resonate with viewers. Choose Dot Lemon for a flavorful and engaging narrative experience.


Why Choose Dot Lemon?

To hire DotLemon is to have your story combine two pillars of our modern world: TECH x CREATIVITY

DotLemon; Zest[ful] storyteller.

Contact us

Washington DC


We'd love to hear from you!

Q st NW, Washington, DC 20009  |  Tel: 703-220-0258

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